To break the attack sequence and protect your organization, you need to be able to rapidly adjust your security posture to defend against newly discovered attacks across your ever-expanding attack surface.

FortiGuard Security Services is a suite of AI-enabled security capabilities providing application, content, web, device, and user security. The services:

  • Are natively integrated into the Fortinet Security Fabric to deliver coordinated detection and enforcement across the entire attack surface
  • Continuously assess the risks and automatically adjust the Fabric to counter known and unknown threats in real time.
  • Provide context-aware, consistent security policy for users and applications in hybrid deployments across the network, endpoints, and clouds.

FortiGuard Labs maintains AI-powered analysis environments across unified databases, ensuring that all products operate from the same up-to-the-minute data. Different products gain access to all relevant security technologies appropriate to their function and location across the attack surface and cycle. This ensures security is deployed consistently and enforced cohesively. In addition, behavior-based analysis and local ML capabilities operate within the different products to provide full-spectrum detection and mitigation of known and unknown threats.